Spelthorne Museum

Woolly mammoths tusks from the Ice Age, tools from the Stone Age, a large collection of Roman artefacts, a 1738 fire engine and Victorian memorabilia, Spelthorne Museum has the whole history of this area we know as Spelthorne.
From its original home in the Old fire Station, in 2006 Spelthorne Museum moved into a more central location with its entrance through Staines Library, Friends Walk, Staines. It is in two halves, the first half, The Elmsleigh Room is open during Library opening hours and follows the river of time from the Ice Age to modern times, perfect for a quiet browse.
The second half, The Thames Room, opens when volunteers are on duty. Spelthorne Museum is entirely run by volunteers. The friendly, trained volunteers on duty will attempt to answer any queries you may have, if they cannot then there is an Enquiry System which takes your question forward.

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